The INTERNET of THINGS (IoT) has become reality. All kind of devices used in daily live are getting smarter and smarter. Cars, lightbulbs, drones, robots, televisions, refrigerators, central heating, watches, smartphones, beacons and many more, all these devices are connected to networks and the internet mostly by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

With the rise of IPV6 the internet of things is getting shape. These devices collect and exchange data among themselves and with third-party service providers in order to enhance the functionalities at home (e.g. reduced energy consumption, dynamic heating) at work or real-time data exchange between companies and customers while traveling.

Devices can also be controlled remotely and adapt their behaviour dynamically. It’s starting to effect corporate enterprises as well. The coffee machines, the PoE led lights in the office, the building management system, access control systems, CCTV systems, all connected to a network.

History has learned that innovation always runs faster than reliability, controllability and legislation. So what are the challenges of IoT in relation to information security, privacy and risk management, but also how can information security, privacy and risk management contributes in a positive way to successful innovations.

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