Time and Venue 
Thursday, 19th Sept, 2017;  18:00 CET

De Faam, Hamseweg 5, 3828 AA Hoogland

Marc Hullegie

CEO, Vest Information Security B.V., 

Founded Vest Information security 15 years ago, with the intention to support organisations in their challenge to maintain the value of information (systems), instead of losing business value.  Marc has a technical and management background and international experience in a wide range of projects. Being proud of ‘his’ Vest Team, Marc is active in the Information Security and Governance area of customers and presents frequently for varied types of audiences. Pleased to meet you here!


Pen-tester and Security Researcher, Vest Information Security B.V.

Ethical hacker with a specific interest in cryptography, block-chain technology, embedded devices and practical hacking. Works for Vest as a pen-tester and security researcher.


Security Consultant and Pen-tester, Vest Information Security B.V.

Recently graduated developer with years of programming experience.  Currently works as security consultant and pen-tester at Vest. Great fan of tinkering with websites and using his developer knowledge to reverse engineer projects and systems.

Slot Event
18:00 – 19:00 Arrival, Registration and Reception with simple meal with drinks
19:00 – Talk 1 – Welcome Welcome and introduction to the evening, and briefly to Vest as a host by Marc Hullegie, Director of Vest.

Theme of the introduction: “How does hacking fit within Business Information Governance”. What is the specific role of ‘Hacking’. Let’s talk about that, amongst friends!

Talk 2 – “Insecure by default “Insecure by default”  – the gap between modern day programming education and business  information security by Ruben

During his study as developer, Ruben realised his education lacked security within its fundaments. Students were thought how to quickly set up websites for commercial use, using deprecated code and libraries known to have vulnerabilities. When questioning his teachers they told him there was simply no room for teaching security. During this talk Ruben wants to give insight of developers that are currently developing insecure websites that are currently being used, giving examples from some students’ final exams.

Break Coffee break and Networking with Peers
Talk 3 – Hacking Demo Hacking demo by Alex
This demo will consist of practical examples of hacking a website. Instead of focusing on risk assessment, an offensive example is given of hacking a specific target with a specific goal in mind (APT).
Talk 3 – “Hacking, What Else? “Hacking, What Else?” by Marc Hullegie
Just have a strong espresso and hack! Some of “them” still consider hacking and testing being the sole answer to all their information security issues. Is it?


Talk 4 – “Vulnerability scans and their risks; looking behind the surface Vulnerability scans and their risks; looking behind the surface” by Alex
The limitations of vulnerability scans exposed by practical examples.


21:30 Closure of the official programme by Marc Hullegie followed by networking & drinks


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