Our November chapter meeting is hosted by Alticom in their IJsselstein data center.
Alticom provides datacenter services from a total of 24 high-altitude media towers spread out across the Netherlands.Perfectly suited for datacenters.

Originally, the Alticom media towers served to facilitate broadcasting of television and radio signals. The towers are also essential to the wireless networks run by Dutch mobile telecom operators. Digitization of radio and television, as well as increasing use of satellite and fiberglass cables, have rendered much of the analog equipment used in the towers obsolete. As such equipment was removed, the question became: what to do with this empty space?

As it turned out, uninterrupted power supply, presence of emergency power facilities, high security levels, and elaborate connectivity options provided these towers with the perfect building blocks for datacenters. Consequently, Alticom has been using the space made available for provision of datacenter services.

Knowledge sharing session in IJsselstein