4th Annual Cyber Community Event in Prague

Don´t miss a chance to take a part in QuBit Conference 2017. At QuBit 2017 you can look forward to learn about the latest risks, top strategies and solutions from excellent speakers, meet industry professionals by beer at popular networking events, join Pre-conference training and have loads of fun meeting your cyber fellows.

About Qubit

QuBit Conference is an annual cyber security event gathering all levels of security professionals, industry experts, academics and government officials. All of them help create QuBit the Central European hub for the growth of new cybersecurity ideas and the point where the East and the West meet. QuBit offers the unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into multiple facets and aspects of ever-expanding crucial modern-day fields such as cyber security, data breaches, IoT, cybersecurity legistation and many more. The main aim of QuBit is to create a community spirit providing space for knowledge sharing. Connect with QuBit Conference today and explore the latest innovations and ideas that are carving tomorrow’s industry landscape.

Date and Venue

Prague, 4-6 April

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QuBit Conference 2017